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It is not a time to go quietly. It’s time to get this job done. Corruption needs to be exposed and the offenders charged. Our country is ruled by law, with consequences for breaking them.

The “Human Food Factor Show” is dedicated to help educate patriots that want to know who is actually pulling all the strings, how they are doing it and why we fell for it. This show is a little different than the typical talk show. We will discuss researched fact and “think tank” our problems together. Spreading the word and finding the fastest way to bring our country back to reality, is critical.

America wants justice and freedom for all who love this country. We want our country back! Hope and change has a new face! We need to join together today and recapture our lives, our liberties and our pursuit of happiness. We are the indignant and as we all know; we are here to serve anyone.

Join me! Let’s get together and figure this out!