The Human Food Factor Book

Do you believe?

They Spent All The Medicare Funds and maybe that’s what the rush, rush Healthcare Plan is designed to conceal?

In Global Warming and that Al Gore, GE and the government are expecting to make astronomical profits from what many scientists say, isn’t even happening? Quote: ‘It’s a natural ecological phenomenon’.

That Our Leaders Are Warm & Honest and doing what we hired them to do, as they always have?

Your Investment In Taxes Have Been Well Spent and that our return profits are soon to come?

Big Business Should be Given A Waiver, to manage our tax money as a government Czar, while acting on the Board of Directors for a major banking system? To deny bailouts to their own competition and offer funds to their own interests?

Your Representatives Care about your interests?

Losing 300,000 Jobs or More means the economy is getting better and we’re on the rebound?

Money Materializes Out of Thin Air, for free?

The Tic Tac Toe Cloud Striping, pouring out of Commercial and Military Aircraft, is normal and free?

If any of these questions concern you,


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Highly recommended! A blatantly direct and honest approach to our Global social environment!
– Phil Dedrick
TN ResistNet

An excellent compilation of unreconciled human events! Great book!
– Bob Johnson
National Book Review

This book is dead on target, highly informative and accurate!
– Terrie Page
Commodities Broker

Very well written, interesting and hard-hitting!
– Dave Evans
Congressman Elect (TN)